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The Tennis Court Oath - French Revolution

1. The Tennis Court Oath was a pledge taken by Third Estate deputies to the Estates-General. It was sworn in a Versailles tennis court on June 20th 1789. 2. After days of disputes over voting procedures, the king scheduled a séance royale for June 23rd. When the Third Estate gathered to meet on June 20th, they found the doors to their meeting hall locked and guarded.

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Tennis Court Oath: Definition & Summary | Study.com

The National Assembly and the Tennis Court Oath. Needless to say, the Third Estate wasn't all that happy with this plan. As a result, they met in a nearby tennis court and declared themselves the ...

The Tennis Court Oath

The Tennis Court Oath. THE TENNIS COURT OATH.'. PROBABLY in no period of history is the temptation to exaggerate the importance of dramatic events by a false isolatfon so great as in the early years of the French Revolu- tion. This tendency renders the reconstruction or reinterpre- tation of the history of this epoch especially necessary.

The Tennis Court Oath June 1789 - St. Thomas University

The Tennis Court Oath June 1789 History Guide Primary Source Refusing to be outvoted and demanding that the masses who work and pay taxes be heard, the representatives of the Third Estate regrouped at the Tennis Court of Versailles to proclaim themselves the National Assembly. They vowed not to

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Tennis Court Oath, French Serment du Jeu de Paume, (June 20, 1789), dramatic act of defiance by representatives of the nonprivileged classes of the French nation (the Third Estate) during the meeting of the Estates-General (traditional assembly) at the beginning of the French Revolution. The deputies of the Third Estate, realizing that in any attempt at reform they would be outvoted by the two privileged orders, the clergy and the nobility, had formed, on June 17, a National Assembly.

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The Tennis Court Oath, 17 June 1789. This painting is by David. On June 17, the Third Estate decided to break from the Estates General and draw up their own constitution. They also dubbed themselves the "National Assembly."

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Meeting in defiance at an indoor tennis court at Versailles, the Third Estate swore not to separate until a constitution had been written for France. Only one delegate dissented. Their oath is known as the Tennis Court Oath .

French Revolution: Tennis Court Oath

This illustration depicts the Tennis Court Oath (Le Serment du Jeu de Paume) of Versailles, 20 June 1789. The National Assembly, also known as the Third Estate, was an ancient but little used gathering of nobles, clergy and common people. They were excluded from their regular meeting place by King Louis XVI and met instead at a nearby indoor tennis court.

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In these modest surroundings, they took the historic Tennis Court Oath, with which they agreed not to disband until a new French constitution had been adopted. Louis XVI, who ascended the French ...