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'Kill Drill' Helped Form Texas Tech's Nation-Leading Defense ...

ANAHEIM, Calif. – It’s called “Kill Drill,” and the grueling premise lives up to its billing. “There’s 90 seconds on the clock, and sometimes it’s full-court, sometimes it’s half-court,” Texas Tech center Malik Ondigo said of the defensive practice drill the Red Raiders’ head coach Chris Beard runs. “If [the offensive players] score, they get the middle, they get an offensive rebound, the clock starts over.

5 Basketball Defense Drills to Lock Down Any Opponent

Defensive Specialist is a continuous drill that works on the different defensive movements players will make on defense including closeouts, defensive sliding, back-pedalling, and sprinting. Purpose: Since this drill covers all the most frequent movements players will make on defense, it’s one of the best basketball defense drills to get them ...

How to Run the Shell Drill in Basketball (Defensive Drill)

While 1-on-1 drills are great for teaching on-ball defense, drills like the “Shell Drill” help players learn how to defend AWAY from the ball. When run at the youth level, this may be the first time some of these young players hear key defensive terms like “help side,” “one-pass away,” “rotations,” and “close out.”

The 7 BEST Basketball Defense Drills - From Top Defensive Expert

7. 4 On 4 Shell Drill. The shell drill is a great tool for teaching your defense. From a big picture perspective, you can quickly teach your players exactly what your team defense should look like. You can practice all of your defensive concepts in a team situation.

Basketball Defensive Drills - My Youth Basketball Player

Basketball Defensive Drills #4Up & Down Defensive Stance. This is a good drill for working on dead ball defense and getting down quickly into a defensive stance. Two players face each other. One is on offense with a ball, and the other plays basketball defense. The defender bellies up to the ball handler and shadows the ball with both hands.

Basketball Drills | Xavier Defensive Drills

1 on 1 Bust-out Drill 1. This is a one on one fullcourt drill. The defensive player is positioned at the foul line three quarter court level,... 2. On the “shot” the defensive player breaks to the outlet position and becomes the offensive player. The original... 3. They play one on one across half ...

Basketball Drills - Xavier Competitive Toughness Drills

This drill is a great drill for stopping dribble-penetration (on defense) and encouraging dribble-penetration (on offense). The defense cannot allow the offense to get two foot into the lane in a position to make an offensive play or score. It does not count if the offense is below the basket. If the offense gets into the lane, the defense loses.

Pack Line Defense - Blueprint Basketball

trying to teach defense the way it needs to be taught: 1) Shot Fakes – defenders coming out of their stance. 2) Reaching – trying to steal post pass will get you beat. 3) Hands down – this will kill you on the shooter and your rebounding. 4) Silence – you must get your team to communicate.