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Front foot shots:-Straight Drive; Cover Drive; On Drive; Square Drive; Forward Defence; Sweep; Reverse Sweep; Front Foot Leg Glance; Back foot shots:-Back Foot Drive; Back Foot Defence; Square Cut; Pull Shot; Hook Shot; Back Foot Leg Glance; Uppercut; Other shots:-Ramp Shot; Switch Hit; Front Foot Shots

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The second class of cricket stroke comprises the horizontal-bat shots, also known as cross-bat shots: the cut, the square drive, the pull, the hook, and the sweep. Typically, horizontal bat shots have a greater probability of failing to make contact with the ball than vertical bat shots and therefore are restricted to deliveries that are not threatening to hit the stumps, either by dint of being too wide or too short.

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Batsman's Shots. The different types of shots a batsman can play are described by names: Block: A defensive shot played with the bat vertical and angled down at the front, intended to stop the ball and drop it down quickly on to the pitch in front of the batsman. Drive: An offensive shot played with the bat sweeping down through the vertical.

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Cricketers and their signature shots. Cricket is one of those games which has always given birth to innovation and new ideas. It has helped in the enhancement of the game. Inventing new shots to ...

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Currently, there are six categories of matches that could appear on a player profile. However, there are three basic forms of cricket: First-class; One day; Twenty 20 (T20) International Forms. The additional three types of cricket are merely the international forms of each type. The additional types of cricket include:

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100-ball cricket is a form of cricket in which each team has an innings of at most 100 legal balls. Ties are, in some cases, broken by having each team play a "Super Five", which is a 5-ball innings for each team. Subsequent Super Fives may be played if the first Super Five is tied.

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For starters, we are all aware that there are two basic types of bowlers – Pacers and spinners. They can be further divided into fast bowlers and swing bowlers in pacers and wrist spinners and finger spinners in the spin bowling department. Now let us take a look at the types of bowling in Cricket or the Cricket delivery types.

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