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A half a block is when you block a ball with only one hand. (Just kidding.) Total blocks (shorthand) = solo blocks + (block assists/2) However, because a triple block = 3 block assists, dividing them by 2 = 1 1/2 blocks, which can cause some people to say a team had 5.5 blocks. In reality, they only had 5 blocks.

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To block in volleyball, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with your hips square to the net and your knees slightly bent. This will keep you ready to jump at all times. Keep your arms high with your palms facing the net, but stay at least a half arm’s length away from the net to avoid getting a penalty.

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If you were blocking the opposite you would want to try and press the left arm over whereas if you were blocking the outside hitter you would want to press the right arm over. How to Block As a Setter/ Right Side or Opposite. As a player blocking in position 2 whether as a setter/ right side or opposite you may be called upon a lot to block.

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Terms for Volleyball Blocking Block A block is a defensive playing action at the net. A block may be performed by one front row player or a combination of front row players jumping near the net in front of an opposing attacker. The goal is to block the spiked ball with the hands or arms preventing the spiker from a successful attack.

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When you’ve closed your feet to the ball, you’ll have the opportunity to take a tight set and wipe it off the block, thus tooling the block into the antenna for a point. To practice this skill, we cut the court in half and play doubles in front of the 10-foot line. The small court forces players to tool the block to score." Rob Heidger

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TheBody:Blocking in VolleyballBlocking is a very important defensive aspect of volleyball at higher levels. Blocking is one of the hardest skills to learn, and does not always show direct results. The block serves four basic functions. The first is to stop the ball, and hopefully return it to the opponents side for a point or side out.

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A block in volleyball is when one team makes a move trying to get the ball over the net and the other team reaches up and bloacks the ball from coming onto their side. if in doing so, the ball lands back on the original team's side, it is the other teams point. it is a strategy used to gain points and keep the ball from landing on your side of the court.

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The game is played on a volleyball court 18 meters (59 feet) long and 9 meters (29.5 feet) wide, divided into two 9 m × 9 m halves by a one-meter (40-inch) wide net placed so that the top of the net is 2.43 meters (7 feet 11 5/8 inches) above the center of the court for men's competition, and 2.24 meters (7 feet 4 1/8. Click to see full answer.

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If a block attempt is made and the ball bounces in their opponents half then a point is awarded. If after the block the ball bounces out then a point is awarded to the opposing team. Each game is played to 25 points and must be two points clear.