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Tennis Drill Sheet - USTA

higher balls) and use pace and to allow Dennis to practice the slice backhand. The key to the drill is maintaining a balance between cooperating with the single player and challenging him to defend and recover. 01:46 Variation 3 - Only Forehands This is a Level 3 - Two on One Drill with all three players at the baseline.

Sample Coach Practice Plan - Coach Tennis - Tennis Skills

• Skills (athletic and tennis): 25 – 30 minutes • Games: 15 – 20 minutes • Play at Home: 3 minutes or less PLANS AT A GLANCE NOTES: If practice is 60 minutes, add a short dynamic “warm up” or have players come early. If practice is longer than 60 minutes, add a dynamic warmup and more point play at the end.

USTA School Tennis Lesson Plans - Find a Tennis Tournament

Tennis Four-Square Singles Rally Obstacle Drill 1 Cone, 2 Foam Balls, 4 Racquets 3 Cones, 2 Foam Balls, 4 Racquets, 2 Mini-nets or Caution Tape with supports 9 Cones, 4 Racquets, 4 Yellow Balls, Line • Four people are on court, one per square. Extra people are waiting at the side. • Number the courts 1 - 4 so it resembles a large four-square court.

High School Team Practice Plan - Find a Tennis Tournament

High School Team Practice Plan Theme of practice: Consistency from the baseline Athletic skill development, warm-up, fitness and conditioning (10 minutes) Dynamic warm-up Slow jog and skip around court area High knees Butt kicks Toe and heel walks Straight leg march Alternate toe touch Forward and backward hurdle

Template for High School Tennis Practice

Team Practice Plan Page 11 98:00 – 100:00 Water Break 100:00 – 110:00 • paragraph) any of “Player fed” “Practice Drills Library”. All groups can perform these at the same level Player fed drills:


The activities within the practice plans will follow a similar, basic setup for singles and doubles. Keeping the organization and language consistent allows your players to become familiar with the setup which will decrease inactivity during practice as well as allow you greater freedom to roam between courts to observe your players in action.

Ultimate Tennis Training Manual Tennis Conditioning Guide for ...

They don’t practice sprinting, they practice long distance running. If their next meet is a 26 1/2 mile marathon, they’ll train by running 30-50 miles at a time. Because it trains their muscles to endure long periods at a time of slow steady running. Since tennis is a sport of short intense bursts, the best thing for

Sample 25-week Conditioning plan for College tenniS playerS

This sample plan for college tennis players has been designed to give college tennis coaches and strength and conditioning coaches ideas as to how the conditioning sessions can be organized to prepare college players for their college seasons and also develop a very strong base for their tennis careers after college.


Practice Activity P6 “Self Rally” “I Can Start a Point” Practice Activity P13 (10 min.) “Underhand Serve & Return” “I Can Play Points” Play Activity G4 (10 min.) “Rally Ball” on 5 Welcome & Attendance (5 min.) Court set-up „Throw/catch coordination‟ Practice Activity P (10 min.) “ “I Can Play Points”