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Urban Dictionary: out of your league

To try to chat someone up who is a bit too good for you. usually seen when a ginger headed dork is doing quite well with a blondiein a pub, while his much nicer friend is getting fuck allluck. A way to put you down. Nothing'severout of your league. by Biafra JJuly 13, 2004.

BE OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE | meaning in the Cambridge English ...

your. league. to be too good or too expensive for you: He was so good-looking and so popular that I felt he was out of my league. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Unachievable. be (a) no go idiom. be on a hiding to nothing idiom. cat.

In a league of your own - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

in a league of (one's)/its own. (redirected from in a league of your own) in a league of (one's)/its own. Completely superior to others of one's or its kind. As a lawyer, Janice is truly in a league of her own. The reigning Super Bowl champions continue to play as if they're in a league of their own.

Urban Dictionary: Out of my league

a person who is not in your classsocial, physical, etc. i like to court her but she's out of my league i bet she would never date a ordinary guy like me. by Nery May 10, 2008. Flag. Get a out of my league mug for your cousin Julia.

italki - what's the meaning of "I'm out of my league"

It's a metaphor derived from baseball leagues. Professional baseball players play in leagues. The minor leagues would include players who could be scouted and moved up to play in "the majors" or "the big leagues." If you did not have the competencies to play in the major leagues then you would be "out of your league" if you tried.

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How to Tell if She Is out of Your League (with Pictures ...

A girl or woman being "out of your league" means different things to different people. Conventionally, this phrase primarily refers to looks and whether or not the woman you're interested in outranks you. However, most women won't...

Out of league - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Although it can be used in other situations, this phrase is very often applied to romantic partners who are more attractive, wealthy, famous, etc. I can't believe that average-looking guy is dating a supermodel—she is totally out of his league! 2.