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When executing a high ball forehand we must always use the open stance position. If we attempt to go up towards the high ball in a closed stance position and then try to initiate and execute a rotational circular swing, this will result in a loss of balance. Due to the loss of balance, the forehand would not be executed and finished accordingly.

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Although open stance forehand is in 90% cases a better option, there are situations when closed stance is the preferred choice. For example when you are making an approach shot from a very low ball somewhere around the T line - closed stance with extremely bent knees is the right thing to do.

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The open stance. A predominant feature of modern tennis, the open stance is when the feet are aligned parallel to the net. The toes can be facing the net or pointing to the side in this position. This is one of Maria Sharapova’s signature moves.

Modern Tennis Forehand (Open) Vs. Closed Forehand

Some teachers swear by an open forehand. They say it is quicker and is the only way to play the "modern" game of tennis. Other, more traditional coaches will tell you that the only way to play is with the standard tennis stance that has been taught for years.

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An open stance forehand is good for dealing with fast incoming balls because it takes little time to prepare (you simply turn the upper body without moving your feet – or you just make a quick, short shuffle) and because you are not getting closer to the ball which would give you less time.

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