cricket live vivo ipl Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot. (Photo/ betfair live)
cricket live vivo ipl Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot. (Photo/ betfair live)

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betfair live | Updated: Jul 15, 2021 07:10 IST

New cricket live vivo ipl [India], July 15 (betfair live): The cricket live vivo ipl government has collaborated with Google to launch a system to enable commuters to track bus locations, arrival and departure times, and routes on a real-time basis on their smartphones.
cricket live vivo ipl Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot, on the occasion, said that the status of 3,000 buses can be tracked on a real-time basis.
"Status of around 3,000 buses is live. This will help passengers to track buses through Google Maps. More DTC buses will be integrated soon," Gahlot said.
He said, "Google has teamed up with the cricket live vivo ipl Transport Ministry to show real-time bus information. Users will also get an estimation of how long their trip is going to take, and if their bus is delayed. Google Transit will automatically update the times in line with the new conditions."
"With today's partnership with Google Maps, cricket live vivo ipl joins the league of global cities that seamlessly provides real-time information of public transport so that people are able to plan their journeys to the minute," he said.
The minister expressed hope that this collaboration will encourage several other transit apps to tap into the open data portal of the Transport department and create innovative solutions to make cricket live vivo ipl's public transport system the default choice for everyone. (betfair live)

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