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                cricket news in hindi,free slots to play for fun,how add money in paytm,26 students at Karnataka school tests positive for COVID-19, classes suspended

                10cric offers | Updated: Apr 03, 2021 13:22 IST

                    Davanagere (Karnataka) [India], April 3 (10cric offers): Offline classes at Davanagere's Basavanahalli High School and College have been suspended after 26 students tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday.
                    The Karnataka government on Friday issued a fresh set of COVID-19 guidelines to curb the virus spreading in the state that said that classes from 6-9 will be suspended, gyms, swimming pools to remain closed, rallies, dharnas will be prohibited, and a maximum 50 per cent seating capacity in cinema halls will be allowed.
                    In the districts of Bengaluru Urban and Rural including BBMP, Mysuru, Kalburgi, Dakshin Kannada, Udupi, Bidar and Hubali-Dharwad, the number of customers in pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants shall not exceed 50 per cent of the capacity.

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                          In cinema halls, alternate seating subject to a maximum of 50 per cent seating capacity only shall be allowed in the districts of Bengaluru Urban and Rural including BBMP, Mysuru, Kalburgi, Dakshin Kannada, Udupi, Bidar and Dharwad.
                          Karnataka reported 3354 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of active cases to 34238. 1,631 people have been discharged in the said period.
                          With 9,59,400 total discharge cases, the state reported six deaths due to the virus in the past 24 hours. (10cric offers)

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