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                        Dr Shailesh Thaker
                          1. Dr Shailesh Thaker

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                            10cric offers | Updated: Apr 08, 2021 21:27 IST

                                  1. New 10cric review [India], April 8 (10cric offers/ThePRTree): Chief Learning Officer (CLO) of Knowledge Plus Inc, Dr Shailesh Thaker, aced the list of top 30 leadership professionals of the world from the years 2015 to 2019. Being the first to be awarded a PhD by SP University in the field of cognitive thinking, he has attained the title of 'Management Thinker'.
                                    Dr Thaker holds the record of providing 18,500 hours of extensive training and development modules through 1,850 management workshops that have been obtained by 1,90,000 members across urban communities of the globe-crossing more than 64 nations that have brought a ball game change into the manner in which they see the world by and large.
                                    "Significance lies in having a decent ability and using it at a most extreme level in the advantage of individuals," says devotee of the force of giving, Dr Thaker. He drives the audience members towards his piles of shrewdness and which got him to be welcomed by in excess of 100 elite associations to reinforce authority abilities among their workers.
                                    Believing that kindness is the force that drives humanity to success, Dr Thaker stands as the force that has positively impacted both readers and listeners with his enlightening books and lessons.
                                    Having a world record in his name for publishing the most number of books across the globe in 2017, Dr Thaker has founded a renowned training firm, Knowledge Plus Inc, to guide organisations for achieving international benchmarks in management practices.

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                                        Dr Thaker has manifested himself as a visionary thinker with diversified technical blueprints for over 30 areas, some of them profoundly including GDP, economy, youth, skills, start-ups, power, water, green energy, happiness, education, and health. Making a place in the topmost five economies, his work on India@2050 is profound.
                                        Keeping his family as the top priority and ensuring that he makes time for them, Dr Thaker ensures that none of the important decisions of his life is made without their consideration. He holds the record of providing 18,500 hours of extensive training and development modules through 1,850 management workshops that have been acquired by 1,90,000 participants across cities of the globe-spanning over 64 countries that have brought a ball game change into the way they see the world in general.
                                        Receiving the award for International Training Fellowship (ITF- 94) in South Korea for his contribution to adult learning and development by JCI University, (USA) has been a major highlight in his life. He became the third person in the SAARC nations to have received this prestigious fellowship. He has also been honoured for his work by offering the HRD GURU AWARD Year of 2016 in Pakistan for improving living standards of humanity and relationship at large in both countries. In 2020, he was ranked nine as a mentor by IFLD, USA.
                                        Dr Thaker is a virtuoso who accepts, "The best snapshot of life is yet to be made. Living with past brilliance is getting you far from one more greatness". He has a lot more accomplishments to come in his direction that will cut his name as a legend who deified learning and advancement.
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