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real money poker app | Updated: Jul 15, 2021 10:27 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 15 (real money poker app/BusinessWire India): As most of the workforce continues to work remotely or adopt hybrid work environment, remote learning has become and will stay the norm for the coming times as well., remote learning has become and will stay the norm for the coming times as well.
In this scenario, organizations are looking for long-term and cost-effective virtual labs that enable hands-on practice-driven learning. Addressing this need of the industry, MakeMyLabs embraces enhanced automation features that save time, money, and resources for the organization.
Remote Tech-skilling requires virtual sandbox environments to ensure learning comprehension and retention. However, it also adds an overhead of creating personalised infrastructure for standardised learning outcomes.

MakeMyLabs aims to eliminate that by its automation capabilities like auto suspend and persistent labs. When a learner provisions virtual labs for practice, works on it, and closes the window, the labs keep running consuming resources.
But, with the smart auto suspend feature, MakeMyLabs detects idle time and auto shuts off the labs thereby saving resources. The other side of this is persistent labs - which ensures that whenever the learner logs in again, he/she will have backup and access to the previous work so that there are no interruptions in learning. These automation capabilities are one of its kind and allow organizations to plan and deliver cost-efficient hands-on training.
"In addition to these smart features, we provide a lot of flexibility to organizations in planning the resources, the configurations of labs can be upgraded or downgraded with a click. Provisioned labs and lab hours are scalable as per need. We work on a truly pay-per-use model which gives organizations complete control on the resources they are planning to use. The idea behind is to enable access to tech labs at any scale for our clients. Every organization has unique training plans as per their needs. By eliminating unnecessary overheads in online training, we ensure the focus remains on learner journey rather than resource mapping," Said, Keshava Raju, Founder, MakeMyLabs shedding light on its design.
Smart features, cost-efficiency, pre-configured labs, and custom catalogues are some of the reasons why MakeMyLabs is an indispensable learning asset for a discerning clientele.
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