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                              Bajaj Finance Limited
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                                Bajaj Finance Limited

                                10cric,ipl 2020 schedule,fire poker,Bajaj Finance Online FD offers assured returns up to 7.25%

                                10cric offers | Updated: Apr 03, 2021 10:14 IST

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                                • Pune (Maharashtra) [India], April 3 (10cric offers/NewsVoir): The government has kept the inflation target unchanged at 4 per cent for April 1, 2021, to April 1, 2026, under the RBI Act 1924.
                                  Under the monetary policy framework, inflation target can be within the band of 2 per cent to 6 per cent.
                                  While inflation went up to 5.1 per cent in recent times, it was mainly an outcome of the unprecedented economic circumstances that have affected economies across the globe.
                                  Despite an indication of stability in the regime by the government, it has become even more important to choose the right savings options.
                                  Grow savings with a Bajaj Finance online FD
                                  In today's scenario, the choice of one's investment must offer safety, high growth of savings and the convenience to invest easily. To address this need efficiently, Bajaj Finance online FD offers the flexibility to invest from the comfort of one's home, within a few minutes. This hassle-free procedure, in addition to assured returns up to 7.25 per cent make this FD a must-have in any investment portfolio.
                                  Easy online investment process
                                  Those keen on investing tend to procrastinate their investment decisions, only because of the complicated paperwork and lengthy processes involved. But, with Bajaj Finance online FD, one can invest within a few minutes without having to visit any branch or submit arduous paperwork.
                                  All it takes is to fill the intended investment details, verify one's identity online and pay through Net Banking or UPI (for amounts below Rs 1 lakh). Thus, the entire process is quick and paperless, which makes it convenient for investors to get started with their investment journey.

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                                    Lock into prevailing high FD interest rates
                                    Bajaj Finance offers attractive FD interest rates, which make it easy to grow savings at assured returns. Non-senior citizens investing in this FD via offline mediums can get interest rates up to 7 per cent, while those investing online can get a rate benefit of 0.10 per cent on their deposit. Senior citizens get attractive interest rates up to 7.25 per cent, so they can reap the benefits of assured returns with attractive interest rates.
                                    The interest rates depend on the chosen tenor, and the range of interest rates offered to non-senior citizens and senior citizens has been provided below:
                                    Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Rates 2021

                                    In addition to attractive FD interest rates, Bajaj Finance also offers a suite of other features that make it an investment worth its weight in gold.
                                    Flexible tenors and payout frequencies
                                    Bajaj Finance offers flexible tenors ranging from 12 to 60 months, which enable investors to plan their short-term and long-term goals easily. One can also choose the frequency of payouts, as per their investment goals and needs.
                                    One can start investing with just Rs 25,000 in this fixed deposit, but those intending to save on a monthly basis can choose Systematic Deposit Plan. Here, savings start with just Rs 5000 per month so one can grow savings periodically.
                                    One of the best ways to grow savings is to invest in a Bajaj Finance online FD, which offers higher flexibility, growth of savings, and also assures highest safety of one's savings. Bajaj Finance has been accredited with ICRA and CRISIL's highest safety ratings that are proof of a default-free experience and timely payments.
                                    This story is provided by NewsVoir. 10cric offers will not be responsible in any way for the content of this article. (10cric offers/NewsVoir)

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